so, i was asleep a couple minutes ago and did not realize that i was dreaming. i mean, i know i was asleep, but it didnt feel like a dream at all. feel so real. maybe because i sleep with a pillow on my head. dont try that at home.. believe me.


so, about the dream.

i remember i was asleep in my room with my laptop on. and then, from afar, i heard MIKA’s voice (from tv or something) and it sounded like his newest song. later, i found out that the song was titled ‘Sunda Cafe’. i was surprised at first. and think twice about it, maybe i was just dreaming or something.

i tried to wake up. i did. but in my dream. i woke up in my dream.

so then, i heard that song again. this time, i listen to its full lyrics. i heard MIKA singing, “Sunda Café~ blablablabla Bekasiiii~” …my heart stopped. i said to myself, “what the fuck?” at first, he mentioned ‘sunda’. and then, ‘bekasi’? those two are indonesia-related.

i didnt belive it. so i tried to wake up again. but still.. ended up in a dream. it was like inception. but this time, i thought there’s no way out. and it felt so real, you know. so i didnt realize it was a dream until something snapped me.

so, again, i tried to listen carefully to the lyrics.. and this time, MIKA spoke (or the lyrics) in Bahasa Indonesia! again.. “what the fuck?”

that moment, i know it was real. and MIKA was really singing in bahasa and talked about indonesia. which is something incredible. he came to indonesia for once, and his fans thought that he didnt like it here. so, this song was really badass.

and then, i tried to be a troll to MIKA fans around the world by tweeting, “MIKA’s new song titled ‘Sunda Cafe’? he mentioned about indonesia!”. but, God always protect me from the troll act.. so in result, i couldnt find my cellphone and ended up realizing it as a dream. (though, i have to admit that i have to wake up several time that made me realize it was only a dream) but then, i woke up in a dream again. just like before.

at this moment, i tweeted about that, MIKA fans freaked out, and the next thing i know, Asti called me and told me that every MIKAIndonesia will fly to London THAT DAY. i didnt know what to do, and just answered, ‘okay’.

again.. the next thing i know, that i arrived in London with my lazy clothes which i wear to sleep with. we went to MIKA’s house in South Kensington. i didnt remember who was coming.. but i see Asti, Vany, even my collage friend, Bernadeth was there. the other was just blurry. but i know that they’re MIKA fans from indonesia.

we went straight to MIKA’s room in his house. the girls was freaking out, running around the room, looking at his stuff, exploring his closet, etc. they make themselves feel like home. which was– i dont want to say it.

i walked to his kitchen and found a lot of cool things. i didnt remember what, but i know they’re as cool as lava lamp and sand watch/clock. it was vintage and awesome. i also saw his pet, a fish (i didnt remember what type). his room didnt look like what i usually look on the internet. but hey, it was a dream, and i didnt remember it.

MIKA fans were running around his room for almost half hour until they heard MIKA walking to his room. i immediately pulled vany to find some place to hide. and so did the other MIKA fans.. leaving his closet in a very undescribe-able way. so me and vany hid under his kitchen table and looked at the entrance door, waiting for MIKA to come.

he opened the door, he looked around his room, i didnt think he realised his messy room. until he rose his eyebrows, and then closed the door behind him. while he was looking around, he looked under his kitchen table and found vany and i, hiding under it. he, then, sighed like he knew who did that.

all of the MIKA fans then, came out from their hiding spot, then approached to him. i looked at him from afar and found something different from him. it wasnt like the MIKA i know. he was rude to his fans (at first, maybe because his fans did too far. entering his private bedroom without permission. which is a very reasonable reaction). i saw Asti came to him, tried to talk to him, then he answered like he didn’t mean it. i mean, rolled his eyes around, sighed a lot, and showing that he was annoyed by his fans presence. which, i think, too far.

later, vany finally approached to him while the other fans played with his stuff until the given time. she tried to say something, but again, MIKA answered with his worst attitude. which made me want to punch him in the face.

i remember vany tried to make a friendly conversation with him. like, “i’m sorry that we came to your room like this.” he rolled his eyes. “anyway, i heard your new song, ‘Sunda Cafe’.” he answered, “good”. “I didnt mean to interupt you” he answered, “my name is MIKA! not ‘you’!” with a very high tone.

i prepared my knuckle to punch him.

vany, then, stood in silence.

the time was up, and Asti asked us about the ticket to get back to jakarta. me and vany replied that we want to get back that very night. Asti flee away, ordering some tickets for MIKA fans from london. they rushed out off MIKA’s bedroom after saying ‘thank you’ to him. which was answered with a very worst attitude like before.

before left the room, i remember vany tried to talk to him once again. “it is a pleasure to meet you, actually” he replied, “again.. my name is MIKA! not ‘actually’!”. i had enough. i yelled from accross the room, “that’s not what she meant, stupid!”. he shut his mouth. *sujud2 ke freakas around the world*

and then, vany tried to talk again to him. and this time, MIKA answered with a less-annoyed face.

he, then, took us to his front door (which was looked like a 5 star hotel entrance in LA). and while walking, i realised that vany was a bit tall. she’s supposed to be my shoulder-high.. and so does to MIKA. but in my dream, she was ear-high to me and MIKA. which made vany say, “man, you’re so tall”.

at that time, i saw MIKA tried hard to look annoyed. and idk why, i think MIKA was a bit happy with his fans came by to his apartment. especially when talking to us.. me and vany.


MIKA fans went away to airport one by one using indonesia’s local taxi company. which was quite odd (but i thought, this company has ‘go international’). i stopped the last taxi a mika fans took, asked if we can go to the airport together instead of waiting for another taxi and make the others wait in the airport too long.

we hugged MIKA. i said sorry that i snapped to him. he replied, but i didnt remember. the next thing i remember is when we already in our taxi, otw to airport.

i remembered that we didnt bring any money.. even passport. i asked to a MIKA fans whom we shared taxi with. and she turned out to be my college friend, bernadeth. so then, we spoke in bahasa. asking about the ticket, which one that she gonna buy, etc.


it was kinda stupid that i decided to buy Air Asia’s ticket because i thought it was cheaper.


after that, i woke up because someone’s been calling my name.

and it was so hard to wake up. and after i woke up, i feel super dizzy. i couldnt walk straight, i hit several furniture which explain the bruises on my knees. i felt like i was torn apart.

i asked my neighbor in my flat/apartment/kos2an, who is a doctor about this. and he said, i slept with a very low capacity of oxygen that made me worn out. kai also told me that i looked so pale as soon as i woke up.

thats why i warned you about putting a pillow on your head just to prevent light from your lamp. it’s a good thing that im still alive, though.. hahahaha



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