Entry 9: The Pool

Note: I kinda forget of when I dreamed about this. It’s not that long ago, quite a few days before. This dream has somehow give the weird ambience for how eerie and odd the setting was. However, this dream is not the representation of my mental stage like how it usually was. Lately, I’ve been dreaming about things that about to happen in the future. Hope anyone could translate this — in a serious way, of course.

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Entry 8: The Snake and MIKA


Date: 22 September 2016

This time, I dreamed about several stuff at once. I kept on jumping from one scene to another, so I do not really have a great material to update my dream journal. The dream was not really remarkable, either, because it left me nothing but questions out of confusion. I will only tell you the two major scene I remember; The Snake and MIKA.

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My Poor Existing Blogs

As you can see, since about 3 months ago, I have 3 public blogs. Each blog has different purposes and its own style of writing (if you still can’t see the difference, then I need to learn more to differentiate them). This blog, which this post is written on, has its own domain. I haven’t decide what the domain is for, but at least I have my own domain for now. I’ve been meaning to buy my own domain for years, but I finally bought it few months ago. You can check my posting here for more information.

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Simple, But Complicated

“Nggak sesimpel itu! Lo naif kalau memandangnya seperti itu.”

Gue nggak pernah ngerti sama orang yang menganggap suatu masalah sebagai hal yang rumit. Pada dasarnya, memang nggak ada masalah yang sederhana, karena kalau sederhana, ya nggak akan menjadi masalah. Tapi, bukan mustahil bagi kita untuk menyederhanakan pemetaan masalah demi menyelesaikannya. Dan, sebetulnya, bitching tentang seberapa rumit masalah yang kita hadapi itu nggak ada gunanya. Waspada dengan buang-buang waktu itu beda tipis.

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Committing Suicide

How many times have you heard someone claiming that they’re about to commit suicide? How many times have you thought that they’re only an attention seeker? And how many times have you actually crosscheck whether they’re only seeking for attention or actually screaming for help?

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