Note: I dreamed about two things in a row. I remember about the first dream, clearly, but I seem to forget about the second one. The second one was about my Biology teacher and it also gave me the eerie feelings. I’ve been looking for information about him; whether he’s okay or not. And yet, I found nothing related to him, not a big and horrible one, at least.

Date: October 9, 2016

My family had two houses, we call them The New One (where we live now) and The Old One (already sold). In the dream, I realised that The Old One has a secret basement that was never drawn in the building plan. The basement itself was as wide as the house, so I imagined a huge basement without any room in it — just an empty space where I can play soccer or something. To know that there is a secret basement beneath The Old One, I planned to explore the place with only a flashlight. I’m always excited to explore new secret hidden place.

Before I entered the building, I prepared myself with the building plan. I seek for its entrance that was located at the side of the house. Come to think of it, I’ve been living in that place for years and never have I found any stairs on the side of it, especially the one connected to a secret basement. But then, I thought, that’s the exciting part because I never knew and it’s always fun to explore an unknown place.

I was about to climb down the stairs before I realized that the stairs was in form of the letter U. It was made out of steel and was painted black. The stairs itself didn’t look as old as the house, as if it was built not long ago before we moved out. I couldn’t really see what’s under there since the sunlight couldn’t get through the stairs’ railings. But, I could feel how damp it was — just like typical basement.

I found a guy sitting at the top half of the stairs when I was about to climb down the bottom half. I wasn’t surprised and didn’t think through of how I failed to see him before I get where I was. He was sitting right next to my head and was trying to talk to me through the railings. I couldn’t remember how he looked like, but I remember what he wore: a white drapery pants, a peach coloured shirt, and a long white thin scarf hanging on his neck. He kinda looked like a hippie or an Indian meditating instructor. He didn’t look like from around the neighbourhood — so weird.

As we were conversing, I looked around the basement and saw a lot of old furnitures covered with white sheets so the dust wont be all over them. I didn’t know how many furnitures was there, but I’m pretty sure they filled the entire basement floor. They were big and I assumed they are sofas, wooden wardrobes, and wooden bookshelves.

He was talking to me about the basement, but I fail to remember the detail of it. It’s like he was warning me about the basement because not long after that, I seemed to hesitate to go down there. I looked down, scanning a part of the secret basement. He didn’t say anything when I looked at him for the second time. Thinking it was just a joke — and because I got excited even more — I took two steps downward before he put his hand on my shoulder and held me with one hand.

I looked at his hand, then stare back at him. And in that exact moment, I felt like I could see or read his entire mind. It feels like I know his motives, his objectives, his entire plan to hold me down there and overpower me. My body was automatically trembled as I ward his hand off my shoulder. I took a step back away from him, pressing my back against the bottom half railings. I didn’t know what to do.

I couldn’t climb back upstairs because he was sitting there, and I was too scared of what he might do to me if I ever try that. So I climbed down and tried to find a place to hide — even though it sounds stupid, at least that’s the only thing I could do right then. But, before I even take a step on the basement floor, I saw a girl looking from between the furniture.

She had a black long hair and was wearing a white gown or blouse. I was only able to see half of her body for her bottom half was blocked by one of the furniture. I also could see her face; she was beautiful with her fair skin and her pink lips. She was peeking through the furnitures, looking at me in curiosity. I couldn’t feel my body for a split second before I said to myself, “What is she doing there?“.

I woke up…

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