Note: I kinda forget of when I dreamed about this. It’s not that long ago, quite a few days before. This dream has somehow give the weird ambience for how eerie and odd the setting was. However, this dream is not the representation of my mental stage like how it usually was. Lately, I’ve been dreaming about things that about to happen in the future. Hope anyone could translate this — in a serious way, of course.

I found myself standing in a living room of an unfamiliar house. It was quite nice, yet look a little bit old. There were a lot of furnitures and paintings hanged on the walls. If I must guess, I think that house has not been renewed since the 90’s. The house was a european style with warmers and carpets laying around on the floor. I was a bit aware of whose house it was, even though I’ve never seen it before. It was the house of a family’s friend and I don’t think she was home at that time.

I walked around the house, trying to look around, exploring the place I’ve never been in — some kind of my old habit. I found the house quite nice and feeble, but I guess it’s because the sky was a little bit cloudy and the house didn’t have a proper lighting either. The atmosphere was giving me the calming sense for it was designed to be a real home instead of just a house. So, I explored the entire house with a pounding heart like a child who discovered a new environment. I was so excited seeing the rooms and the knick-knacks hung on the ceiling. Such a nice place.

During my exploration, I walked pass a sliding glass door connecting the living room to the back yard. From the inside, I saw an olympic pool — about 7 x 3 meters — with a bunch of people playing in it. They called me to join them when they saw me staring at them. I seem to failed seeing their faces clearly. But, it wasn’t a problem, though, since I know who they are and that’s more than enough. So, I rushed to the kitchen and changed my clothes to something more proper for swimming. Then, I walked out the house wearing my boxer shorts and ready to jump in to the pool.

Before I managed to approach them, I saw the pool was being peculiar. It seems like one-third of the pool has dirty water with dead leaves floating around. The water itself was green-ish and turbid like it hasn’t been cleaned for a very long time. While the two-third of the pool — where all of those people having their fun — has a clean, blue-ish, and clear water. It was really weird, remembering how two different form of the water contained in one same pool.

The guy who called me earlier called my name once again. He got out of the pool and walked to a small slide on the side of it. He climbed the stairs and happily slid in to the pool. The excitement got me to the point I climbed the stairs and also slid in to the pool with my head first. But, the odd part is, when he slid in, he fell into the clean water right below the slide. And when I slid, I seem to slid too fast and got thrown too far off to the dirty water of the pool.

I believe the physics calculation isn’t suppose to be like that. With my height and body weight, it is impossible to be thrown that far. Especially when the clear water filled the two-third of the pool, which means the dirty water was located 4-5 meters from the slide. I was so confused because I felt like something was dragging me to that area, but I don’t know what.

Those people approached me with cheers. I was trying to get my head above the water level for air, but I felt like the force wasn’t enough to get my head out of the water. So I drowned my body a little bit deeper for the water force pushed my body higher. I managed to get my head out of the water. I glimpsed at them, still cheering for me — I don’t know why — but, again, I felt like the water sucked me in even before I was able to breathe. The water suck me deeper and deeper and deeper. I could see them at the surface of the water and no one noticed that I was drowned.

As far as I remember, I am a good swimmer. Even though I’m not that good, at least I know how to float my head so I can breathe. But there, it feels like my swimming skill couldn’t do anything because, clearly, I wasn’t the one who got me drowned. It was the water. The water sucked me in. Something pulled me to the bottom of the pool. I was suffocated, gasping for air, as the water became darker and darker.

I woke up…

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