As you can see, since about 3 months ago, I have 3 public blogs. Each blog has different purposes and its own style of writing (if you still can’t see the difference, then I need to learn more to differentiate them). This blog, which this post is written on, has its own domain. I haven’t decide what the domain is for, but at least I have my own domain for now. I’ve been meaning to buy my own domain for years, but I finally bought it few months ago. You can check my posting here for more information.

I know, I know, it’s hard to manage one blog, how can I manage 3 blogs at once and why would I do that?

It’s actually simple, I just want to have 3 different souls in my writings. For a person who get easily bored, managing or having 3 blogs is kinda fun because I get to do new things on each blog. In short, I just want to get busy and drowned in blogging as deep as possible. Because I love to be trapped in the zone of writing and blogging.


Before I introduce you to my blogs, I’m going to tell you the similarity or (you can say) the signature of Abang Kyle’s blogs. I only have 3 blogs for now, but it’s not impossible if I want to make more.

First, the most noticeable signature of my blog is the logo I put on the top of the home page and/or on the sidebar. It’s not a really good logo because I only put my initials in it and style it a little bit. You may call it ‘last minute idea’ if you want, because it is. The logo says K.N which is short for Kyle Nasution (my name). The logo has a white background with black solid border on its sides. The little crown I put on the top right is just my way to spice things up for I am irritated by the blank space there.


Second, it always has a menu bar under the blog’s title (for this blog, it’s on the top of its title because of the theme’s template). The menu bar will consist of Home, About, Blogs, Contact, and a list of categories I usually use (or the popular ones). You can breakdown the About, Blogs, and Contact menu to see what’s there. For About menu, you will see the description of myself as the blogger and also what the blog is all about. In Blogs menu, you will find the links to my other existing public blogs to browse. And as for Contact menu, you will find a list of my existing social media; Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Third, you will always see the word AbangKyle which is my username for all social media I have. I usually use Kyle Nasution as my name, but lately, I changed some into Kyle Nanas or Elyk Nanas because I was bored. Nanas is just short for Nasution and Elyk is my name spelled backwards. Nothing special. I know.


Since I already introduced the signature of my blogs, now I’m going to show you the difference between each blog and why I made them.

Abang Kyle’s Blog

This is my primary blog which I use to pour everything; my observation, my opinion, my daily activities, etc. I don’t really put any theme for this blog but ‘About Kyle Nasution’. Yes, this blog is all about me, my thoughts, and my heart. Yes, I have a heart, and yes, I am self-centred. Thank you for noticing.

I made this blog in 2012 (if I’m not mistaken) and I changed the URL in 2013 because I want to make it public and searchable with only using my name or username. And since then, I post hundreds of postings and it leads me to making new friends. You may say that this is my first serious blog (since I bought a domain for it) because, before, I only use blog as my diary and didn’t intend to show it to other people.

This blog got viral for my gigolo story (which I haven’t finish it, yet), for my reviews on Hospitalis and Kopikina, and for cigarettes posts. I cannot say that this blog is my image builder, but some people say that it is. Some people who knows me from my blog tend to think that I am a serious and scary dude on the internet — while in real life, I’m just a deranged-looking motherfucker.

I have a lot of memories about this blog and I write a lot of memories on this blog. Since I made its new URL, Abang Kyle’s Blog has become my virtual friend; a place where I can share my shits on. Some of you might think that the Kyle you see here is just an internet persona, but it’s not. A lot of people claimed to me that they find no difference between me online and offline. I really represent myself on my writings. So, if you think that I am scary, then I probably am to you in real life.


Debu Ruang Gelap

If you see Abang Kyle’s Blog contains more logical stuff which represents my brain, Debu Ruang Gelap represents more of my heart. I store a lot of emotional stuff there, like poems, short stories, dialogs, monologs, and other literature stuff. I use that blog to express my frustrations, depression, and other commotion that is going on in my life.

Since I use that blog to show dark stuff, I apply dark theme to it to make the dark aura coming to life. I also use different style of writing to create a different atmosphere from what I have in Abang Kyle’s Blog. It’s not that I put my deepest darkest secret there, it’s just I use that blog to balance out the rational and irrational side of me. I have Abang Kyle’s Blog for my rational side, so I created Debu Ruang Gelap for my irrational side.

There’s a reason why I don’t want to put my emotional side and dialectic side in one blog. I tend to keep my blog’s aura or colour just the way it is. I already created one specific atmosphere in one blog and I don’t want to ruin that, so I made another blog for another specific atmosphere. It’s like keeping them for their main purposes. The creation of another is just to safe their soul.


Sabda Dompet

This blog has nothing to do with me. I created this blog out of boredom because I’d like to restore my knowledge about financial management and risk management. And since I am not that expert on managing big companies, so I use my knowledge to give tips or infos for individual financial and risk management. I give tips to students, mostly, and young adults who live on their own outside their hometown.

Just like its name, Sabda Dompet can be translated into “The wallet’s sayings” which means, you cannot do anything if your wallet says no. In a way, I am telling my readers that their life is nothing without money because everything they do needs money (if you think realistically). So, in order to do things in your life, you have to have money in your wallet or your accounts.

I haven’t really post anything on that blog because I’m kinda confused on what to give. I already give tips on how to bookkeeping their money and I was thinking about giving them some tricks to have a lot of savings. I have spread questioners to get to know what their trouble is, it’s just I haven’t find the right way to put my ideas in a form of a writing. But, I will keep on trying to update this one blog, so people can stop mourning over their empty wallet.

So, that’s all of my blog. You can always browse from one to another via the Blogs menu and also read the detailed information I wrote for each blog. Don’t forget to follow, like, and reblog the postings you like. And also, don’t forget to share the links of my blogs! Hahahaha..


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