So, I’ve been wanting to buy a domain from a long time ago. As far as I can remember, the desire was built since I blog actively and post any kind of content regularly. I went into a hiatus for about 3 months for some reason, and now, I’m back and I’m guessing I’m going to start posting regularly like I used to.

The reason why I want to buy my own domain is because I see blogging as something I actively do. I also always have things to talk about and I can say that I’m pretty productive when it comes to write. I enjoy blogging as much as I enjoy smoking. And it is, indeed, something addicting for me (and also contagious). And, knowing how much writing means to me, I start to think to buy my own domain just to make my brand (AbangKyle) official and looks professional.

But, I didn’t do it because of several reason. The primary reason is because I didn’t have any credit card to register. The secondary reason is because I was still thinking about the content I want to serve to my readers. By buying a domain, it means I have to be very serious about blogging (or else, there goes my money). So, for almost 2 years, I was thinking about what kind of blog I want to have, what kind of content I want to serve, and how much I want to buy this domain.

After thinking about the ups and downs about having my own domain, that desire start to fade for a while. I didn’t have the willingness to post anything on my blog. And, when I do have it, it’s always ended up with a bad result. I was a mess when I decided to go for a long hiatus. But now, 3 months later, I’m back – along with my long lost desire. And fortunately, I have this credit card I can register so I can officialise my brand.



My travel through time in this blogging world starts in 2012 when I find blogging is a new way of writing a diary. But, since I’m not a type of person who enjoys blabber about his personal life, I tried to turn my blog into a storage where I can put anything that is running in my head and bugging me at the same time. Hence, this blog, which has been active since mid 2013.

I haven’t decide what kind of content I want to serve my readers with. I think, for now, I will write as I please like I used to – but this time, I’m going to be more productive than I’ve ever been. I also made a plan on how I can make this blog looks professional, and maybe I will adjust the previous posts so it will be reader-friendly.

I thought about a lot of stuff regarding this domain-purchasing. Some of them are figured out, some of them are still in drafts. But, you know, one at a time.

As much as I want to rant, I have to end my post here. The rest I would say is just repetition from what I already said. And, before I actually end this post, I want to tell you guys one thing: writing really is my passion. I cannot tell you how glad and happy I am after purchasing this domain.

One step closer to my dream.


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