The best relationship is when you don’t remember when you started. It’s like everything is just the way they are from the beginning of our meeting. You know, people celebrate anniversaries and stuff. I never had one of those. And you know what? I think it is okay.

I don’t remember when my relationship with my last ex begin. Therefore, we never celebrate anniversaries. I thought it was kinda rude for me not to remember the important date of our relationship like that. Because.. you know, most girls like to celebrate anniversaries or any important date (and I think that’s stupid). And to be honest, my last ex didn’t remember the important date, either.

I asked Kai about this and compare my relationship with his gooey romantic relationship with his boyfriend. I thought, a gooey romantic like Kai would celebrate any anniversary they could remember. But, no. Kai didn’t even remember when they begin going out as a couple. He said, it just happened and they forgot about important dates because they enjoy the relationship too much. Then he asked, “Why is that necessary to celebrate every detail in relationship? Can’t we just be happy for the things are?”. (Kurasa karena mereka berdua juga cowok.. dan cowok suck at remembering important dates)

I didn’t know the answer, either. But one thing I learnt from my relationship is.. just because other couples did it, it doesn’t mean we have to.


I spent my relationship with my last ex in bar. Usually, I pick her up at her house, then headed to our regular bar to have a drink. Yeah, we drink a lot. We chat a lot. And we make fun of people a lot. We’re not terrible couple. We’re just terrible people that formed into one couple. We love being rude to jerks at bar, asking them things that uncomfortable, then just pretend we didn’t hear them. We weren’t drunk, I swear.

We never did gooey romantic things like Kai did with his fiancĂ©. She never cook for me every night (and I’m glad she never did), I never give a cute forehead-kiss whenever we meet, and we never call each other with cute nicknames like Kai and his boyfriend did. We usually had dinner outside, I usually smack her ass whenever we meet, and we call each other with horrible nickname. I called her fat, and she called me bald-headed.

I spent my relationship with her by arguing about stupid little things. Like what kind of coffee is better (sweet or plain), what goes in where, what fits with what, etc. My relationship filled with argue and drink and laugh at other people.


Some people might think that the perfect relationship is something that Kai gets. Or maybe a relationship without argue, a relationship where you and your date are always agree on anything. But for me, there’s no perfect relationship. Even though there is, I called mine ‘the perfect relationship’.

A perfect relationship is when you can be yourself and your date is just fine with it. A perfect relationship happens when you feel good enough with to stand aside with your date.. you feel like you’re the best person for your love one. You cannot established the perfect relationship when you think that you’re not worth in the relationship. You cannot push yourself to be perfect just to have your perfect relationship. And you cannot have the perfect relationship when you force yourselves to be perfect just to make people envy of your relationship.

For me, the imperfectness of us makes our relationship gloom into something perfect. We can make people jealous by being ourselves. And we were really mean to make people jealous (yeah, we both are the devil). It’s like Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry The Platypus. We fight each other but we’re nothing without the other.

Btw, I am the Dr. Doofenshmirtz and she is the Perry The Platypus. I do stupid things and she cleans up my mess by kicking me in the nuts.


I never thought I had that kind of relationship until I threw it away. I threw it away and never be able to get it back. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. She’s not a perfect woman, but I become perfect whenever I’m with her.


Ps: Nah~ I feel perfect even without her~

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