Sabi nih, resepnya.. Boleh dicoba lah kalo lagi ada kesempatan. Hahaha..


indomie burger 2

You’ve probably heard of the ramen burger craze by now. Or maybe you’ve been living under a rock. Or without interwebz. Regardless, we thought it was absolutely necessary to re-create this weird and wonderful burger, but using Indomie! We used original mi goreng, but you can use any of the Indomie varieties for this.

I must preface this recipe by saying that it’s not for everyone. The noodle buns are dense, so you can also experiment by making them thinner, depending on your preference. I also like it better when there’s more chilli sauce and kecap manis on it, so keep adding more if you like it sweet and spicy!

This recipe will make 2 Indomie burgers.

For the 2 beef patties
250g beef mince
1 egg
2 tablespoons breadcrumbs (or until you reach desired consistency)
salt and pepper

Combine beef mince with egg and breadcrumbs in a bowl, then…

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