I’ve been stranded in this reality for years. I’ve been waiting for ships to rescue me but none. I’ve been dreaming the wonderland I lived in. I live too far from it, now. I want to go back. I miss being imaginative. I miss forgetting about reality and not being sceptical about it.

I live too long in reality. The truth is that I’m bored of what I do. I have nothing to do, no quest to finish. I’ve been living in my own comfort-zone and I cant get myself out. I am bored, but I cant move. I don’t have anywhere to go. New is always better. But there’s nothing new left for me.

What did I do wrong? What thing that can make me go back out there again? I wanna be adventurous.. I wanna feel awesome again. The game I’ve been playing is getting easier and easier. Give me a challenger for me to defeat. I wanna fight so I can stay alive. I wanna be a winner again.

I miss fighting for my life. I used to do that to keep us alive. But now.. It’s like I no longer have a goal.

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