so, last friday, i went to MIKA’s gig and fortunately, i got the most front row of the green section (right in front of the stage). it was epic.. i was so lucky to be in the front row.

i had my camera in my hand, and my spot is just perfect to capture every moment and every gesture of mika. i was so ready to serve photos for Freakas around the world. and especially, in jakarta. it feels like im Indonesian Freakas documentation team. so awesome.. i am awesome. #BOOM

the concert started, everyone cheering, and i was so ready to take photos. so far, it was awesome (though the press team were blocking my view. but then, they fleed away). i took awesome pictures and am sure that those picture can please every Freakas around the world. but, there are also times when i found a very good gesture, a very good lighting, a very clear view.. and when i was about to take it, FUCKING SECURITIES AND CAMERA MEN STOOD RIGHT IN THE VIEW!!! RIGHT IN THE FUCKING VIEW!!! i hold my self and tell myself that murder is wrong, and a lot of people are too stupid to know what they’re doing. so, i redeem my anger.

at first, i have to ignore the pose and the moment. but then, i think, ‘hey, i can edit that photo later’. so i took them.

after the gig, my vany asked me how can i edit the photos with their heads on them. i said, that i can put my username on their head so people dont have to look at that part. because, everyone doesnt really paying attention to the part where people put their watermark on their photos.

and here is one of the photo that i manage to edit.

bahan blog

… …i think it looks okay.

i mean, i cover their face with my twitter username watermark pretty well, right? watermark always be the best choice to cover things up. for example, the faces that we dont want to see in the picture. and cropping the pict will only make it look worse.

anyway, you’ve seen some of my photos on my blog, on UncleVoldie’s blog, and on UncleVoldie’s facebook (you can find the link on twitter).


okay, i think that’s it for today..


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