i did a little photoshots for my friend.. i believe most of you have seen it in her blog (unclevoldie.wordpress.com). so im gonna post the other ones that havent been posted in any where.

DSC02314 DSC02313 DSC02312 DSC02306 DSC02307 DSC02308 DSC02309 DSC02310<-(Besty’s gift. she gave him a batik shirt. hope you like it, MIKA. you’ll look like a true javanese with arab face and a fucking long body. and Besty, you’re one lucky girl.)

thats it for now. the browser got stuck and the picture is not loading. i’ll fix this as soon as possible.

enjoy the photograph.

oh yeah, i couldnt make it to the end of the show because the battery was dead.


(c) @AbangKyle

2 thoughts on “MIKA Gig @ Skenoo Hall, Jakarta

  1. OH MY LORD! His smile is so adorable. I love that smile when he opened the box. THANKS A LOT, KYLE. THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. I’m sorry for the capital case, I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THESE PHOTOGRAPHS! THANKS! ❤


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